San Juan Office


Juanita Valdez-Cox
Executive Director

Juanita grew up in a migrant family and experienced the challenges faced by farm workers. Since 1981 she has devoted her energies to the struggles of farm workers and immigrants, first with UFW, and since 2003 with LUPE. Her determination to see low-income families win the respect they deserve drives her to keep pushing for resolution to the issues that afflict their lives.

Maricela Martinez

Maricela Martinez
Office Manager

Maricela was born in Matehuala, San Luis Potosi, Mexico. She was farm worker for about 20 years in the states of Michigan and Indiana. She graduated from Hidalgo High School and  came to La Union de Campesinos in 1989 through a workforce program. She has dedicated many years of services in different capacities to LUPE.


Esther G. Herrera
Operations Manager/Projects Coordinator

Esther brings years of experience in working with youth, college students and parents from low income, migrant, and first generation college communities. At LUPE, she finds a unique opportunity to educate and empower colonia residents and minorities for social change. Esther is pursuing a PhD in Public Policy and Administration.

Tania Chavez

Tania Chavez, M.B.A, M.A.
Special Projects Coordinator

Tania is an immigrant from Veracruz, Mexico with a background in Student Affairs who discovered the world of organizing at the Latino Leadership Initiative through the Harvard Kennedy School-Center for Public Leadership. Chavez founded Minority Affairs Council–a student-led organization that harnesses the talents, abilities and determination of the RGV youth. Chavez continues to advocate for college access for students regardless of immigration status. Currently, Tania helps implement new ideas in service to LUPE members.

Martha Sanchez

Martha Sanchez
Community Organizing Coordinator

Martha leads LUPE’s team of community organizers as they work with local communities to identify and develop indigenous leadership and their ability to mobilize their friends and neighbors around local issues. Martha loves working with people to help them realize the power of unity and how they can build opportunities to work together to affect change.

Vaughn Cox

Vaughn Cox
Program Development Coordinator

After more than 20 years as a Movement Volunteer, Vaughn joined the LUPE team 2002. In addition to a variety of administrative tasks, he works on researching and preparing grant applications and writing reports to funders. He feels privileged to work for LUPE members and help them build better communities for their families.

John-Michael Torres

John-Michael Torres
Communications Coordinator

From Mission, Texas, John-Michael attended the University of Texas at Austin, where he got involved with the Student/Farmworker Alliance. After graduating, he returned home and joined local organizing efforts for farmworker rights and against corporate-led globalization. He now works as LUPE’s Communications Coordinator and is happy to add his granito de arena to the struggle for justice in RGV colonias.


Hilda Patino
Social Services Provider

Born in Reynosa, Tamaulipas, Mexico, Hilda immigrated to the United States in 1998 and received her education from the PSJA Independent School District. She came to LUPE as a volunteer in 2003 and assisted the organizing efforts in the PSJA area. She is currently training in immigration and income tax services for assistance with client’s needs.

Evon Bueno

Evon Bueno
Data Entry Clerk

Evon Bueno is a proud staff member at La Union del Pueblo Entero in our San Juan, Texas, office.

Cristina Leal

Cristina Leal
Community Outreach Specialist (Pct. 2 & 4)

Cristina was born and raised in the Rio Grande Valley and graduated from the University of Texas-Pan American. As a Community Outreach Specialist, Cristina enjoys being able to contribute to the self-development of LUPE members, which allows them to improve their lives and their ability to respond to new opportunities.


Cristela Rocha
Community Organizer (Pct. 4)

Cristela Rocha is a proud staff member at La Union del Pueblo Entero based out of our San Juan, Texas, office.


Marco Lopez
Community Organizer (Pct. 2)

Born in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Marco migrated to the US at a young age. He graduated with a BS in Park, Recreation, and Tourism Sciences from Texas A&M. In college, he organized protests against the Iraq War and for in-state tuition for Undocumented Aggies. Post college, he assisted with several labor campaigns that included harassment, wage theft, and pickets as a delegate for the IWW. At LUPE, he uses his talents to better our local communities.

Daniella Marrero

Dani Marrero Hi
Digital Organizer

Dani Marrero Hi was born in Reynosa, Mexico, and raised in Mission, Texas. Dani is proud to organize on immigration and queer and trans issues in the Rio Grande Valley.


Julian Rodriguez
Office Clerk

Julian Rodriguez is originally from Corpus Christi, Texas, and resides in Weslaco, Texas. He currently works for LUPE as an office clerk. His participation helps our office run smoothly and he finds success in helping improve our community.


Maria Trujillo
Social Services Provider

Maria Trujillo was born in Mexico and has lived in the United States for more than 20 years. She started as a volunteer since La Union del Pueblo was founded. She currently works as an accredited social worker for LUPE. What motivates her to do her job is the daily contribution of our organization to improve our community.


Laura Quiroz
Social Services Provider

Laura was born in Pharr, Texas. She has been involved with LUPE since she was 15 years old. She has been actively involved with the organization by participating in different campaigns. As of today, Laura works for LUPE as a social provider and she is passionate in helping our people of the community.


Felix Rivera
Social Services Provider

Felix Rivera is originally from Nicaragua and has lived most of his life in Los Angeles, California. He has been involved with LUPE since 2009 and currently works as a social provider for our organization. He truly believes in LUPE’s mission statement.


Lupita Negrete

Lupita Negrete is a proud staff member at La Union del Pueblo Entero based out of our San Juan, Texas, office.


Maria Ibara
Research Specialist

Maria Ibarra is a proud staff member at La Union del Pueblo Entero based out of our San Juan, Texas, office.

maria guadalupe alanis

Maria Guadalupe Alanis

Maria Guadalupe Alanis is a proud staff member at La Union del Pueblo Entero based out of our San Juan, Texas, office.


Alton Office


Carmen Limas
Office Manager/Social Services Provider

Carmen G Limas graduated from the UNAM in Mexico City with a Bachelor in Accounting and has practiced for more than 40 years.  Recognized by the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA) as Accredited Representative since 2010, she loves to help people and feel the happiness of immigrants when they become Legal Permanent Residents or US Citizens.  In her free time she and her family do community work for her residency area.

Nancy Rodriguez

Nancy Rodriguez

Nancy Rodriguez is a proud staff member at La Union del Pueblo Entero based out of our Alton, Texas, office.


Nelson “Tony” Solis
Social Services Provider

Nelson Antonio Solis was raised in the Valley and also studied there. His curiosity for U.S. politics developed  into an interest in civil rights, the Constitution, U.S. politics and U.S. history. For that reason he has joined LUPE.


Yvette Salinas
Community Organizer

Yvette Salinas is an Alton, TX native. She received her B.A in English Literature with a concentration in Ethnicity and Women Studies from the University of Texas at Pan American. Yvette is a community organizer in west Hidalgo county and is thrilled to explore the strong, effective vehicle for change that is organizing alongside hardworking residents of the RGV.


Ciara Ayala
Community Outreach Specialist  (Pct. 3)

Ciara was born and raised in McAllen, Texas, and began working at LUPE after working in community development abroad. She believes there is more than one road to social justice and that everyone has the capacity to affect positive change. In her off time, she dances and tries to teach her 7-year-old dog new tricks.  


Claudia Garcia
Social Services Provider

Claudia Garcia is a proud staff member at La Union del Pueblo Entero in our Alton, Texas, office.

Mercedes Office

Rafaela Guzman

Rafaela Guzman
Office Manager/Social Services Provider

Rafaela Guzman is a proud staff member at La Union del Pueblo Entero based out of our Mercedes, Texas, office.


Lupita Lopez
Office Clerk

Lupita Lopez is a proud staff member at La Union del Pueblo Entero based out of our Mercedes, Texas, office.


Estela Delgado
Community Outreach Specialist (Pct. 1)

Estela Delgado is a proud staff member at La Union del Pueblo Entero based out of our Mercedes, Texas, office.