Let’s work for social change

 Learn about social justice, community organizing, and work for social change by volunteering or interning with us.


Previous work by volunteers:

Al Colegio, Si Se Puede!
Read about LUPE’s intern, Cecilia Corral, and her summer helping to prepare high school students for college.
UTPA and STC advocacy for the DREAM Act.
Over the Fall 2010 semester, LUPE student volunteers educated UTPA and STC students on the importance of passing the DREAM Act.
Cesar Chavez March and International Workers’ Day.
Youth volunteers worked with LUPE members and other community organizations throughout the planning and execution process for the two major events.
Cecilia Corral (Picture by Gabe Hernandez | gabrielh@themonitor.com)
Cecilia Corral (Picture by Gabe Hernandez)



Revitalize Not Militarize Border Quilt

Read about LUPE Intern Yesi Ontiveros and her project collecting stories of border community members negatively impacted by border militarization.