Our allies from the Southern Border Communities Coalition have launched a campaign called “Revitalize not militarize Border Communities”. As part of the campaign, communities along the border will create a “Border Wall Quilt” to express to the nation the need for revitalization and memorialize the loss due to militarization in our border region.

The assembled border quilt will be displayed in Washington, DC this month. Border community members will travel to DC to share their stories later this month when the assembled quit will be unveiled.

The theme of loss includes loss of family unity, loss of privacy, loss of civil rights, loss of humanity, loss of personal safety, loss of economic potential, and loss of human life.

LUPE members know these themes well. LUPE member Letti Sanchez shared her story on one of the panels. Her mother lost her life to the river while attempted to reunite with her family in Texas. Another panel shares the story of a mother with child who while crossing through the brush of Falfurrias, was bit by a rattlesnake. Both perished in the brush.

LUPE fall intern Yesi Ontiveros coordinated LUPE’s involvement in the border quilt project, helping LUPE members and staff express their stories in artistic and symbolic ways.

For these reasons and more, now is the time for comprehensive immigration reform with a #PathtoJustice. Congress must put aside politics and take action before the end of this month.