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*5,000+ members reached through our membership services and benefits

*2.3 million dollars received in tax refunds with over 1000 tax returns filed at LUPE

*300 new citizens from our citizenship preparation class

LUPE responds to the social and economic needs of low-income families in South Texas by providing immigration applications, income tax preparation, referrals for legal services, and more. LUPE also provides ESL, citizenship and GED classes. Check out our blog here to see what a LUPE citizenship ceremony looks like! Through generous support from foundations and local donors, we were able to increase our staff in 2009 to support the growing need for our services.


*470 new leaders trained in local Colonias

*1200 supporters marched in honor of Cesar Chavez

*Outreach to 9 Valley cities for delegations with police chiefs on 287(g)

*Joined the Reform Immigration for Texas Alliance & national coalition in solidarity with over 600 organizations

Our strength is found in our large membership base from which leaders are transforming their communities through neighborhood committees that have won several campaigns such as land ownership rights, streetlights, and access to water infrastructure.

In late February, LUPE member delegations met with the police chiefs in nine Valley cities to discuss the harmful impact on communities due to 287(g). The police departments agreed that they did not want to lose the trust of the community through enforcement of federal immigration law. Also as a result of these meetings, the Hidalgo County sheriff’s department accepts the LUPE membership card as a form of ID for families who want to visit relatives in county detention.

Since the summer of 2009 we have also been heavily involved with the movement to win Comprehensive Immigration Reform (CIR). In December, Rep. Gutierrez introduced the first CIR bill of the session.

Thank you so much for supporting the work we do everyday – we’re looking forward to an exciting year in 2010!