Border Residents Protest Senator Cornyn, Demand He Stop Obstructing Dream Act

Cornyn is standing in the way of Dream Act while paving the way for border wall

Video of the action can be found on Twitter here.

WESLACO, TX—US Senator John Cornyn visited the Rio Grande Valley Friday, January 12th, and was met with protest from Valley residents unhappy with his stance on border wall and the Dream Act. Residents demanded an end to Republican obstruction and the passage of a clean Dream Act without border walls and militarization.

Abraham Diaz, education specialist with LUPE, said:

“Senator Cornyn’s delay tactics on passing Dream Act are causing immigrant youth to lose protection and become targets for detention and deportation, and that makes him a Dream Killer. As a Dream Killer, Senator Cornyn is using the suffering of immigrant youth to win his anti-immigrant agenda of detention, deportation and border walls.

“While the border wall is controversial and wildly unpopular, the Dream Act is bipartisan and has the support of a majority of Americans. Senator Cornyn must stop his obstruction and stop playing politics with our lives. We need a Dream Act before January 19.”

Senator Cornyn’s Building America’s Trust Act would further militarize the border region and pave the way for building Trump’s border wall. Cornyn has only obstructed efforts to protect immigrant youth vulnerable to deportation following Donald Trump’s hateful elimination of the DACA program.

Cornyn is standing in the way of Dream Act while paving the way for border wall

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