Today the Trump Administration officially published, for comment, a rule that would fundamentally change our country’s immigration system. Comments may be submitted here.

Public benefits help families stay healthy and get ahead. Forcing families to decide between their well-being and reunifying with loved ones is wrong and would make us a sicker, hungrier, poorer nation.

That means we should all work to stop this proposed rule from taking effect. Speak out on social media and share your support for public benefits. Immigrants: we urge you to not let the president’s scare tactics win. Don’t withdraw from the benefits your family receives. Now is the time to act to defend public benefits, not drop them.

Submit a public comment and #ProtectFamilies

Families are the heart of our immigration system. For much of our history, employment-based immigration has been a much lower priority than family unity. The proposed ‘public charge’ rules would effectively turn that tradition upside down. Trump has repeatedly expressed his desire to severely limit the number of immigrants sponsored by family members, something that Congress and the American people have rejected. His new system would make it more difficult for low-income families to petition for an elderly parent by requiring the immigrant to post a $10,000 public benefits bond.

We recognize that our economy will require more immigrant workers in the future to maintain the momentum toward continued prosperity. But our family-based immigration system should not be perverted merely to line the pockets of employers with the funds to sponsor foreign workers. We are also very concerned that the administration is asking whether they should add CHIP to the new policy – a move that would punish Texas women for using CHIP Perinatal to get prenatal care for a healthy pregnancy and healthy baby.

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