Hi, I am Eugene Delgado, the lawyer defending Helen and her family.  I wanted to thank you all for your support and the public outcry against the draconian immigration regime under the current administration.

Sadly, the journey through the rabbit hole that is our immigration system has just begun for Helen and her family, as well as many other families.  It will be months before their fate will be decided and without lawyers they stand no chance against the punitive government machine.  Chris Cuomo, The New Yorker, and others in the media can only cover so much.  They don’t have time to give the public the full picture of what happens after the reunification or the after-effect of being apprehended at the border: the ice cold detention cells, the overcrowded jails, the secretive profiteering of the private contractors that the government hires to operate their jails, a large number of insidious crooks who defraud immigrants for their last dollar, just to name a few.

I work at LUPE, the longest standing non-profit organization in South Texas, which has been serving minorities and the immigrant community for over fifty years.  We have always stood against the injustice against any man, woman, or child.  We are located within miles of Mexico and are usually the first to hear and help those immigrants that are caught at the border.   The infamous Casa Padre and the secluded Port Isabel Detention Center are a short distance away.  We live, feel, and breathe firsthand the actual ramifications of the Zero Tolerance policy down here in our border towns.

Please help where help is needed; the ground zero of the immigration crisis!  I urge you to donate so we can take on more cases, help reunite more families, provide these families the proper legal assistance, and challenge the government on behalf of the children who, like Helen, have been or continue to be victimized by the US government.

Donate to LUPE Legal Defense Fund at www.lupenet.org/legaldefensefund and please pass on this information to your friends and family.

Thank you once again for standing up to injustice and showing compassion to Helen and her family and others like them!

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