Keeping LUPE families out of detention

It’s almost one year since our legal defense team came together aimed at protecting & reuniting families from unjust separations. Now, we have the ability to represent our members in front of an immigration judge and help them through the bond process so that they can fight their case out of detention.

We work with families who are tied up in deportation proceedings and work towards finding immigration relief, getting them work permits and giving them the opportunity to fight their case without being stuck in an immigrant prison.

Here are a few families that our deportation defense team have been able to help.

LUPE worked with RGV families seeking assistance with locating children who were separated from their family members at the border. The first case our newly created legal defense team worked tirelessly on was 5-year-old Helen Nohemí was forcibly separated from her grandmother well after the Zero Tolerance policy was formally ended. Helen Nohemí was kept from her family for over 55 days and was asked to sign away her rights to a Flores Settlement bond hearing. With the help of our partners, we launched the #FreeHelenNohemi petition that garnered over 10,000 signatures and became the first public petition campaign to successfully free a child from immigrant detention.

It took a lot of legal maneuvering and public pressure from LUPE supporters like you to finally reunite Helen with her family, but reunification is just the beginning. Helen and her family are in deportation proceedings and are currently pleading their asylum cases in immigration court.

We are currently working with Mrs. Claudia Gomez who is in immigration proceedings and is currently applying for Cancellation of Removal before an immigration judge. At the moment we have been able to get her a work permit but her case is pending and her final court is scheduled for November 2019. We are very optimistic that her case will be won and granted lawful permanent residence if the immigration judge grants her case.

When Mr. Eleobardo Galaviz, came to LUPE he had already been placed in immigration proceedings to be deported and was scheduled to appear before an immigration judge. USCIS  was arguing that Mr. Galaviz did not take the necessary steps and requirements to apply for his residence. We all make mistakes unfortunately when USCIS makes a mistake they do not want to recognize them. Through our lawyer Eugenio Delgado, a new petition was submitted to the immigration judge and after submitting all the necessary evidence in his final court on March of 2019, the Immigration Judge granted his residence to Mr. Galaviz. He is now able to live in the United States legally with his wife and children and get the opportunity to go back to Mexico and see his parents for the first time in over 10 years.

We also help minors who entered the United States without being accompanied by an adult. Many of these children speak no English and are forced to represent themselves in front of an immigration judge. Our lawyer Eugene Delgado works at analyzing the different ways of representing these children whose lives are in danger if they are deported.

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