Stopping deportations is a step forward to protecting immigrants and keeping families together

President Biden made good on his Day 1 promise to stop deportations because of decades of organizing and mobilizing by immigrants and border communities. Voters responded to our calls for justice and rejected Trump’s disastrous immigration policies.

But Texas AG Paxton is now seeking to keep Biden from turning the page. A politically motivated lawsuit by a corrupt politician can’t change the momentum and drive for freedom behind this moratorium.

Daniel Diaz, Director of Organizing at LUPE, said: “Biden has heard our demand for racial justice and the ability to live and thrive without fear. He cannot let ICE and Border Patrol return to their deportation-hungry ways because of a ruling with a limited scope. He must immediately halt all enforcement and detention activities and free immigrants from detention. Don’t snatch up and cage people and expose them to deportation.”

Juanita Valdez-Cox, Executive Director at LUPE, said: “Immigrant communities along the border and throughout the nation are organized, energized, and ready to defend and expand the victories we’ve won. Ken Paxton’s desperate attacks won’t stand in the way of our freedom to live and thrive without fear. We will continue to defend individual cases and push for individual relief, including for our members with final orders of removal.”

Paxton has been under indictment since 2015 and is facing new calls to resign after he traveled to DC to stoke the insurrection at the Capitol. He sued to end DACA six years after it was running and delivering relief to hundreds of thousands of young people.

Trump is no longer in the White House but we must continue to fight Trumpism and white supremacy in the courts, the Senate, and in our local governments.

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