VICTORY: RGV county judges  unanimously reject abbott's attacks

We did it! All four county judges in the Rio Grande Valley have officially said NO to Governor Abbott's anti-immigrant hate. Because we organized, they unanimously refused to be part of his political games.

However, Abbott is still heading to the RGV on June 30 with Trump and Fox News in a desperate attempt to continue spreading dangerous lies about the border. LUPE and more than a dozen organizations are ready to counter them. 

Join us or tune in on June 30 at 9amCDT for our Border Community Town Hall!

This victory is thanks to the more than 1,200 people who signed our petition and showed up to testify in commissioners court. WE, the community, made this happen. 

Border communities are no strangers to the governor's inhumane politics. But Abbott's latest declarations and partnership with Trump are a dangerous escalation that will only lead to more harm against us and those seeking safety at our country's doorstep. 

Abbott's desperate stunt on June 30 does not represent our values. We are a strong and welcoming community. Border residents work together every day to keep our families and future safe and free.