LUPE Movement Victories

The La Union Del Pueblo Entero movement victories marked in the timeline below by the striped circle icons represent the victories during United Farm Workers under the leadership of Rebecca Flores, state director of South Texas. The ones marked by the full circles represent those accomplished by LUPE.

1981: Ban of Cortito

Legislation passed; Growers subsequently began requiring workers to use a knife for weeding seedlings.  In

1983: Clean Toilets & Drinking Water in the fields

Texas Dept. of Health adopted field sanitation rules rather than face a national boycott of

1984: Inclusion under Workers Compensation law

In light of a ruling by the Texas Supreme Court, a special session of the

1984: Pesticide Controls

Texas Department of Agriculture adopted a set of rules requiring farmers to warn neighbors (when

1985: Unemployment Compensation for farmworkers

Following the same argument as the Workers Comp law, the Supreme Court forced the Legislature

1985: Minimum Wage improvement

The Legislature raised the state minimum wage from $1.70 to $3.35 per hour.  Later revision

1987: Pesticide Controls

Under threat of another discrimination lawsuit, the Legislature wrote a law which established requirements that

2015: Colonia Streetlights

We worked with county officials and state legislators to pass HB 3002, a bill that

2009: FEMA Lawsuit Re: Hurricane Dolly

In conjunction with Texas Riogrande Legal Aid, LUPE filed a lawsuit against FEMA in the

2011: Anti-Immigrant Legislation

Defeated over 100 anti-immigration bills in Texas legislature as part of statewide “Texas Can do

2012: Colonia Streetlights

After an 8 year campaign, LUPE and ARISE members won the installation of streetlights in

2001-2007: Driver’s License for Immigrants

The Texas Legislature passed a bill removing the requirement that applicants present a Social Security

2001: Resident Tuition for Undocumented Students

Through the organizing efforts of a broad coalition, the legislature passed a bill permitting all

2005-2007: Colonia Streetlights

In 2005, the Legislature authorized counties to expend a portion of their CDBG funds to

2008: DHS Lawsuit

In conjunction with South Texas Civil Rights Project and other non-profit groups, LUPE filed a

2008: Delegations to Valley Police Chiefs Re: 287g

LUPE member delegations met with police chiefs in nine Valley cities to discuss the harmful

2010: Testifying before State Board of Education

LUPE leaders and staff testified during the Board of Education’s public hearing to ensure that

2010: Food Stamps & Assistance

On behalf of LUPE and community members, Texas RioGrande Legal Aid filed a lawsuit against

2011: Drainage & Housing Improvements

Without the proper infrastructure, Colonia residents face persistent flooding, some tolerating standing water for weeks

2012: Parks & Walking Trails

Working with the Communities Creating Healthy Environments (CCHE) initiative of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation,

2013: Immigrant Private Prison

With the RGV Equal Voice Network, helped stop the City of McAllen from constructing 1000-bed