All of our communities should be sanctuaries of safety, justice and due process. That means that we should all be able to feel confident reaching out to law enforcement in our time of need. Texas law makers are proposing SB4, which would erode trust between communities and police by forcing police into the business of deportations.

The Rio Grande Valley is one of the most highly policed areas of the country, with a concentration of local, state, and federal police agencies. If SB4 passes, Trump wouldn’t need any more of a deportation force in Texas because SB4 would do it for him, turning local law enforcement into immigration enforcers.

As a nation, we should be expanding opportunities for all of us to access due process and seek the help of law enforcement agencies, regardless of where we were born. We can’t let SB4 pass and destroy any sense of trust in local law enforcement to keep our communities safe.

Make a call now to the chairman of the committee currently considering the bill.

Chairman Todd Hunter: 512-463-0672


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