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LUPE’s strength is found in our 8,000+ membership base from which leaders and volunteers are transforming their communities. Members pay membership fees on an annual basis. These fees pay for the services and leadership development practices of each LUPE Office. LUPE engages its membership in devising and conducting campaigns to achieve the mission of the organization. In order to have a positive impact on the lives of immigrant and Latinx families, LUPE members develop into community leaders and are empowered to impact change.

Services & benefits

Services & benefits

Income tax services

Preparation of income tax returns coupled with advocacy on behalf of families having a tax dispute or controversy with the IRS.

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Immigration services

Preparation of immigration applications necessary for obtaining legal status.

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Translation of official documents

Translation of various official documents (from English to Spanish and vice versa) for the purpose of assisting people in responding to same.

Notary services

Preparation of notarized statements and documents for submission to schools or other government entities in response to requests made by same.

Interventions with local law enforcement

Interventions with local government officials, (i.e., convincing law enforcement officials to forego escort fees [$350] for funeral processions of low-income families).

Assisting in the transferring of auto titles

Assisting in the transferring of auto titles in order to secure the family’s primary means of transportation – a lifeline that connects people with employment locally and/or out of state.

Workers rights advocacy

Assisting workers in recovering unpaid wages from employers, and/or assisting them in obtaining employment reinstatement when unfairly terminated.

Free Citizenship Classes

Free Accidental Death Insurance

Up to value of $4,000

and so much more

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