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Paul Chavez

Paul Chavez is president and CEO of the National Farm Workers Service Center (NFWSC), a national non-profit developed to serve the needs of the low-income Latino community. NFWSC’s two major programs are developing affordable, multi-family housing, with developments in 5 southwestern states, and a 9-station radio network serving communities in California, Arizona, and Washington.

Maria Gomez

Maria Gomez is a proud board member at LUPE.

Nora Linares-Moeller

Nora Linares-Moeller is a civic and political activist of long standing in Texas and Central Texas. She spent 12 years in state government, first at the Texas Department of Agriculture, and then as Executive Director of the Texas Lottery. She currently serves as Board President of the Austin Ballet, Board member of the LBJ Museum of San Marcos and Secretary of the La Tina Foundation.

Fernando G. Mancias

Fernando G. Mancias is a former migrant farm worker. While at PSJA High School he was a member of the National Honor Society and Mu Alpha Theta. He graduated in the top ten percent of his class before enrolling at UT-Pan American. After graduation he attended law school at Washington and Lee University Law School. After practicing law for several years he was elected District Judge in 1989. He was re-elected several times and Judge Mancias retired from the bench in 2002 and returned to his private law practice. In February 2009, Mr. Mancias was elected to the LUPE Board.

Sergio Narvaez

Sergio Narvaez was born and raised in Tampico, Mexico. Before immigrating to the US he worked 14 years in the petroleum industry. In 1977, he came to the USA where he met and married his wife. Mr. Narvaez continued working in petroleum in the US for another 20 years before retiring. In 2012 he was elected by LUPE members to the LUPE advisory council. When the board of Directors decided to increase the number of Board members, the Advisory Council unanimously nominated Mr. Narvaez to serve as the first LUPE member on the board of Directors.

Arturo Rodriguez

Arturo Rodriguez has worked with United Farm Workers since 1972, having served roles as the Detroit Boycott director, the Manager of the UFW Public Action department, manager of union organizing, contract administration, and more. He has been a UFW Board member since 1981 and was elected as President of the UFW after the death of UFW founder, Cesar Chavez in 1993.

Tanis Ybarra

Tanis Ybarra has been working with the Farmworker Movement since 1970. He worked as a volunteer from 1970 to 1973, then joined the staff team of the UFW and worked as an organizer, negotiator, and contract administrator. He then worked in the social services staff, and was Regional Manager Central San Joaquin Valley until 1980, after which he left for medical reasons. Mr. Ybarra returned in 1994 and now serves as Secretary-Treasurer for the UFW.

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  • Sergio Narvaez


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  • Leticia Sanchez