LUPE staff

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alton Office

Marco Lopez, Community Organizer

Elizabeth Rodriguez Marquez, Community Organizer

Kayla Montaño, community organizer

Lupita Negrete, Receptionist

Hilda Patiño, Office Manager & Social Services Provider

Francisca Quintanilla, Community Organizer

Natali Rocha, Data Entry Clerk

Mercedes Office

Yadira Gonzalez, Community Organizer

Sergio treviño, digital organizer

Pharr Office

Virginia Lopez, Custodian

Humberto Padilla, Videographer

Dani Marrero Hi, Director of Advocacy and Communications

John-Michael Torres, Communications Coordinator

Rio Grande City Office

Edgar Navejar, M.A., Office Manager & Social Services Provider

san benito Office

Katia Garza Quijano, Community Organizer

Juana Medina, Custodian

Esperanza Vidal, Social Services Provider

San Juan Office

Blanca Alcaraz, Community Organizer

Marcela Alejandre, Community Organizer

David Ayala, Attorney

Maria Campos Sanchez, Maintenance

Luis Castillo, Education Program Coordinator

San Juanita Castillo, Membership Clerk

Tania Chavez, m.B.A, M.A., Executive Director & president

Melissa Compean, Social Services Provider

Jorge Garza, Director of Finance

Joaquin Garcia, Director of Organizing

Sareth Garcia, Community Organizer

Cristela Rocha, Community organizer

Karina Hernandez, Receptionist

Maricela Martinez, Social Services Coordinator

Linda Y. mercado, administrative assistant - Accounting

Jesus Montalvo, Data Management

Rafaela Quirino, Social services provider

Felix Rivera, Paralegal

nancy rodriguez, social services provider

Letty Sanchez, Facilities/Grounds Maintenance

Luisa Silguero, Custodian

maria trujillo, social services provider

Michelle Virgen, Legal Assistant