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Resolving to Fight: Resolutions Show Breadth of Opposition to Texas Anti-Immigrant Legislation
By LUPE, December 27, 2010
Alton LUPE members pose with City Council after passing resolution against SB1070

Alton LUPE members pose with City Council after passing resolution against SB1070

Through the months of December and January, LUPE members are reaching out to their churches and neighborhood businesses asking them to pass resolutions against the anti-immigrant legislation flooding the Texas Legislature. These resolutions will walk the Texas Capitol with Valley families, visiting legislators and giving testimony to the broad support for immigrants in the Rio Grande Valley—and the major damage these bad bills would do to our community and economy.

Prompted by LUPE members, the cities of Alton and Mercedes and the County of Hidalgo have already passed resolutions. The Cities of San Juan and Brownsville also passed resolutions.

In response to the over 40 pieces of anti-immigrant legislation already filed in the Texas House and Senate, a broad coalition, representing various sectors of the Valley community, has come together to tell the Texas Legislature that all individuals, especially immigrants, provide value to our economy and vitality to our community and great nation. Common Sense Immigration Reform-Rio Grande Valley consortium (CSI-RGV) will be actively promoting the message that this legislation threatens every aspect of the well-being of Valley cities and towns, as well as the entire state of Texas.

CSI-RGV will take the growing number of resolutions to the State Capitol February 22nd, when thousands of Texans are expected to convene for a march, rally and day of advocacy against the bills.

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