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Donate to LUPE’s School Supplies Drive!
By LUPE, May 16, 2011

Education is one of the primary ways that people from poor backgrounds get ahead in life. Yet every day, students go to school without the supplies they need to succeed. That's why LUPE is launching a school supplies drive to help children from Hidalgo County colonias get a hold of the supplies they need to start the year off on the right foot.

Contact your local LUPE office to arrange drop-off of school supplies:

P.O. Box 188, San Juan, TX 78589
(On the corner of Cesar Chavez Rd and Bus 83)
Phone number: (956) 787–2233
1701 W. Las Milpas Road, Pharr, TX 78577
Phone number: (956) 787 – 5557
201 W. Main Street, Alton, TX 78573
Phone number: (956) 584–3636
1225 N. FM491, Mercedes, TX 78570
(956) 565–2761

Don't have school supplies but would like to help? Make a donation!

Every $5 you donate will buy one child:

  • 1 pair of scissors
  • 2 packs of note paper
  • 1 set of colors
  • 1 pack of construction paper

Make a donation here.

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