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UPDATE: Arizona Copycat Law Coming Up as Early as Tomorrow!
By LUPE, May 17, 2011

Last week, Arizona copycat HB12 was derailed in committee, but after a trick move, the bill has been voted out of committee and put back on the fast track.

After passing SB 1070, Arizona suffered the consequences of a bad law and bad ideas. The state became synonymous with xenophobia. Boycotts cost Arizona over $490 million and counting. The law has consistently lost legal challenges based on the fact that it violates the Constitution of the U.S.

UPDATE: As early as tomorrow, Texas lawmakers will decide if our state should adopt an Arizona copycat law.

Learn what you can do by clicking here.

House Bill 12, attacking “sanctuary cities,” would give individual police officers the ability to act as immigration officials. HB12 would divert law enforcement away from their real job: keeping Texas communities safe. Instead the law would turn them into ICE agents compelled to say to detained individuals, “your papers, please.”

Earlier this month, a LUPE member driving with his family was pulled over for speeding. When he couldn’t produce a driver’s license, the police officer called the Border Patrol. He and his entire family were deported. For the simple act of speeding, his family was uprooted from the place they’ve called home for more than 10 years.

It’s tragic, but cases like his will increase if HB12 passes.

The effects of the bill won't only be felt by immigrants and their families. The safety of the whole community will be affected by the further strained relationship between local law enforcement and immigrant communities. Immigrants want to live in safe communities, too. But when any police officer has the authority to ask for their papers, undocumented immigrants will be less likely to report crimes or aid law enforcement efforts.

Local governments will be forced to bare the costs of arresting and housing good people while local law enforcement's attention is diverted from targeting criminals.

All will lose if Texas passes HB12. Learn what you can do by clicking here.

Racial profiling could become Texas law as early as this week unless we speak up!

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