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Victory! SB 9 Derailed as Special Session Comes to a Close
By LUPE, June 29, 2011

Equal Voice Network of the Rio Grande Valley Celebrates Triumph of Texas Values and Human Dignity Over Anti-Immigrant Hate Embodied in SB9

As the special session of the 82nd Texas Legislature comes to a close, Valley organizations have cause to celebrate: The bills that would ban nonexistent “sanctuary cities” and institutionalize the failing federal S-Comm program seem to have been derailed.

A Victory for All Texans

This is a victory for the dignity and respect of all Hispanic and working families in Texas, who would be targeted by the proposed legislation. Gov. Rick Perry positioned himself against the dignity and security of all Texans, and especially Hispanics, when he declared that dealing with “sanctuary cities” was one of his emergencies this session. But Texas values and human dignity prevailed when the bills were derailed in both the regular and special sessions.

The victory over SB 9 and more than 70 anti-immigrant, anti-Hispanic bills proposed at the beginning of the regular session is a testament to the power of unity and standing up for what’s right. The victory belongs to the thousands across Texas who made it happen, including the individuals and families of the Equal Voice Network, who dedicated countless hours over the regular and special sessions to fighting anti-Hispanic and anti-immigrant hate. Network members traveled to Austin twice to protest the legislation, made hundreds of calls from home, and delivered over 150 resolutions and over 3,000 postcards against Arizona copy-cat legislation.

The Reform Immigration for Texas Alliance Lead the Way

The Equal Voice Network is part of the Reform Immigration for Texas Alliance, who organized law enforcement officials, leaders of faith communities, business representatives and human rights advocates in opposition of the bills. It’s thanks to the hard work, consistent advocacy and intense efforts of RITA that those inside and outside the Capitol got the message that we are not Arizona and that Texas can do better on immigration.

The failure of “sanctuary cities” bills is a victory that will benefit all Texans. Taxpayers will be spared an unfunded mandate. Police will be able to do their important work without misguided political interference. Business will continue to prosper. Neighborhoods across the state will reap the bene?ts of public safety and strong families. And communities can be secure in the knowledge that this battle forged a broad coalition that will be ready to stand up against any future threats to Texas’ safety, values and economy.

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