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Precinct 4 installs first streetlights; Precinct 3 aims for installation week of Feb 6th
By LUPE, January 30, 2012

LUPE leaders from colonia Muñiz pose in front of newly installed lamp post. The corresponding lights were installed later that day.

Learn all about how we arrived at this historic victory in the streetlights campaign by attending LUPE’s presentation at the 7th Annual Peace and Justice Gathering, this Saturday, February 4th, from 10am to 2:30pm.

This past week was momentous for LUPE members and leaders who have been working toward lighting up their colonias for 7 years. After we received word that streetlights were already being installed in two Precinct 4 colonias, Precinct 3 informed us that they will be aiming to begin installation the week of February 6th.

Tuesday morning residents of Colonia San Cristóbal called our offices reporting that trucks and county workers had installed light posts and moved on. While celebrating the news from San Cristóbal we got a call from members in Colonia Muñiz telling us the trucks were installing poles there too! So we rushed to Colonia Muñiz to catch up with them. We met LUPE members there, spoke to workers and residents, and snapped a few pictures in front of the newly installed light posts. The solar lights were installed later that day in both colonias.

As if to keep our spirits elevated, on Friday Precinct 3 Chief Administrator Mona Parras gave us an update regarding the installation of solar lights in the Alton-area colonias. Precinct 3 solar lights faced delays regarding the securing and releasing of funds from Urban County, but the survey team is finishing up this week and colonia residents should start to see streetlights the week of February 6th. Precinct 1 Commissioner Quintanilla has said that streetlights should be installed in his precinct around mid February.

We are celebrating these developments, along with the colonia residents, Commissioners and their staff. This is an important first step. We hope that Precincts 3 and 4 will continue down the path toward equality for colonia residents. We urge the other Commissioners to follow in the footsteps of Commissioner Joel Quintanilla, who set aside a small percentage of this year’s CDBG budget toward the installation of streetlights.

Thanks to News Center 23 for breaking the story. Watch the report by reporter Joangel Concepción here.

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