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Join Us! 9th Annual Cesar Chavez March – 50 Years United in the Struggle!
By LUPE, March 12, 2012

Join us for this historic moment as we celebrate the last 50 years of the movement for farm worker and immigrant justice.

On Saturday, March 31th 2012 organizations and individuals from across the country will celebrate the birthday of our renowned founder, César E. Chávez. La Unión del Pueblo Entero, with the support from ARISE, Proyecto Azteca, South Texas Civil Rights Project, and many other community groups, will be celebrating the life and work of this great civil rights leader with the 9th Annual César Chávez March.

This year we will not only be celebrating the life and legacy of our founder Cesar Chavez, but also marking the 50th Anniversary of the United Farm Workers and the farm worker movement Cesar helped found, inspire and build!

This year's Cesar Chavez quote is “We have seen the future and the future is ours.” Our children are the future of our organization, movement and country. But they are also a huge part of our present. That's why this year we are including the youth of the community by hosting a youth art and essay contest, The Life and Legacy of Cesar E. Chavez – The Art of Social Justice. Youth are invited to submit drawings, essays, paintings, sculpture, collage, or whatever format helps you express yourself. Artwork can be about the life and legacy of Cesar Chavez, or it can be about ways we can continue Cesar’s legacy at home, at school, or in the community.

Read the full contest guidelines, learn more about Cesar Chavez's legacy, and learn how to submit your art by clicking here.

When: Saturday, March 31
Place: Municipal Park, San Juan, Texas
Time: 9 am
“Hemos visto hacia el futuro y el futuro es nuestro”
~ César E. Chávez

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