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Our communities are creating healthy environments
By LUPE, July 26, 2012

Erualdo and comité de colonia Muñiz talk about the effort that it took to gain streetlights in their colonia.

Residents of colonias Muñiz, Buena Vida, Tauros 14 and El Jay visited with Erualdo Gonzalez of the Communities Creating Healthy Environments (CCHE) initiative of the Robert Woods Johnson Foundation about our work to gain streetlights and walking trails in and around their colonias.

CCHE is the grant that funds our work for streetlights, parks and walking trails. The Robert Woods Johnson Foundation recognizes that streetlights, parks and walking trails allow residents to lead active, healthy and safe lives outside and help communities fight health problems like heart disease, diabetes and obesity.

Thanks to the support of CCHE, colonia residents organizing with LUPE have gained streetlights in many Hidalgo County colonias as well as got one park re-opened to colonia residents. Erualdo is helping us evaluate our work and make sure we learn from and improve our campaign so we continue having victories in the years to come.

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