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The Immigration Working Group of the RGV Equal Voice Network Unveils Human Rights Declaration
By LUPE, December 10, 2012

Community members read human rights declaration at Nov 30 convention

The power of human rights resides in the simple but profound idea that all of us have basic rights by virtue of our humanity alone.

So declares the Human Rights Declaration approved and passed at the Equal Voice Convention for Human Rights, which took place November 30 in Alamo. Click here to read the declaration in full. The Immigration Working Group of the RGV Equal Voice Network unveiled the Declaration this Monday, December 10th, in recognition of International Human Rights Day. The press conference took place at LUPE’s San Juan office.

The convention and declaration are part of a state-wide campaign, led by human rights champions Reform Immigration for Texas Alliance (RITA), to develop a human rights community agenda for the state of Texas. Different regions of the state held similar conventions in past months, including Austin, El Paso and Brownsville. Convention participants included colonia residents, immigrants, workers, parents, students, police department representatives, county representatives and community leaders. In a state-wide convention in February, participants from all over Texas will meet to put final form to the human rights agenda.

At Monday’s press conference, the Immigration Working Group also announced our legislative priorities for the upcoming legislative session.

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