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Youth in the movement for Comprehensive Immigration Reform!
By LUPE, February 4, 2013

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Youth participate in ice breaker in Alton office youth meeting.

Youth participate in ice breaker in Alton office youth meeting. Click here to help these youth fight for immigration reform.

Due to a high demand for Deferred Action cases, La Union del Pueblo Entero (LUPE) offices have created a new space for the youth of our community. Our offices have begun to host monthly youth meetings, spaces where youth can learn more about Deferred Action, find out what’s going on with immigration reform, and connect with other members their own age.

“The youth have shown a very positive interest in every one of the meetings we have organized,” says Annabel Salamanca, LUPE’s new youth organizer. “We have facilitated our meetings around the importance and need of a just and comprehensive immigration reform. Youth that have applied for or received their Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival, or DACA, realize that two years is a short time to be protected from deportation. They understand that an immigration reform, with a path to citizenship is needed for them and their family members as well.”

Through activities and exercises, some of the youth have laughed, cried, and established a safe place where they can share their stories and struggles with other youth going through a similar situation.

In recent meetings, youth have developed an interest in having fundraisers so as to continue the effort. La Union del Pueblo Entero is joining thousands of Texans at the State Capitol February 22 to call on Congress to take action on a comprehensive immigration reform. The youth are looking forward to taking an entire charter bus full of DACAmented youth to participate in the march! For many, this will be the first time they will travel outside of the Valley. The group is also fundraising to travel to Washington DC to advocate for just and humane immigration reform.

Click here to donate toward youth participation in the fight for immigration reform!

The youth—who have come to meetings in our Alton, San Juan and Mercedes offices—total approximately 100 young people actively participating in our meetings. Many of them already demonstrate characteristics of leadership and are enthusiastic to remain part of this new space that LUPE has created.

LUPE extends an open invitation to all young people who want to become part of this new group of leaders to contact us. Email or call our Youth Organizer, Annabel to get involved: asalamanca@lupenet.org or 956-787-2233.

And if you'd like to help youth get to Austin and DC, you can make a donation by clicking here:

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