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On Mother’s Day, colonia mothers deserve streetlights and peace of mind
By LUPE, May 7, 2014

FB Share Photo Leticia fam 3This Mother’s Day give your mom a hug. Then sign our petition calling on Hidalgo and Cameron County Commissioners to bring streetlights to all 1,200 RGV colonias by 2023, so that one day, colonia mothers might celebrate Mother’s Day without fearing for their children’s safety.

Streetlights and the security they bring are taken for granted by most city residents. Yet over two hundred thousand Hidalgo and Cameron County residents living in colonias lack public light and live with stark consequences.

Mothers worry their kids might get hit by a passing car while walking home. Children can’t play safely outside when the sun goes down, contributing to health problems like obesity and diabetes when they’re older. Dark neighborhoods attract vandalism and crime.

Sign the Petition: Let’s make sure that all colonias have access to public light!

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