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President Obama breaks promise, delays action on deportations
By LUPE, September 12, 2014

obama basta ninoJustice delayed is justice denied! President Obama has announced that he will not issue executive action on his inhumane deportation machine until after the November elections.

With this action, he is clearly putting politics over people. In the mean time, 70,000 immigrants will be deported before Election Day. How many Valley families will be torn apart? How many DPS agents will ask for immigration papers and call Border Patrol on Valley drivers? How many of our community members will be deported from the safety of the Valley to the dangers of cartel-ridden Tamaulipas?

Latinos are disillusioned with our Deporter-In-Chief. He can only make up for his broken promises by going big and including all 11 million undocumented Americans in his executive action immigration plan.

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