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Are you Ready for DACA?
By LUPE, February 16, 2015

Valley DREAMers are ready to apply for Expanded Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, which begins this Wednesday, Feb 18th. Nationwide, immigrant families, faith, labor, small business, and elected officials are holding more than 50 “Ready for DACA” and “Ready for DAPA” events this week to get their communities ready to begin applications.

Tuesday, Feb 17
Get ready to apply for Expanded DACA by attending LUPE's weekly Administrative Relief orientation (bring your unexpired LUPE member card), Tuesday, February 17, at 5:45pm at our Alton office, located at 220 W. Dawes Ave, Ste B, Alton, TX

Wednesday, Feb 18
La Union del Pueblo Entero and Movimiento del Valle will hold a press conference Wednesday morning at 10am at our San Juan office, where Valley DREAMers will share their stories and speak about the benefits of the DACA program.

Join one of our events, or find out about the more than 50 events taking place nationwide by visiting iAmerica.org.

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