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Federal judge ruling on DACA and DAPA — take action!
By LUPE, February 17, 2015

On Monday, a Federal district judge in Texas issued a preliminary injunction that temporarily blocks the DACA expansion and new DAPA program.

The Obama Administration is acting quickly to appeal the judge’s decision but it could mean that the start date for the expansion of the DACA program will be pushed back. It is supposed to begin on Feb. 18.

We’re not going to let anyone take this victory away from us! – Sign the petition in support of the President’s immigration action.

Our community has always remained strong against these types of political attacks, and this lawsuit is just another way they’re trying to intimidate and scare our community from coming forward, registering, and applying for work permits. But these anti-immigrant officials seem to have forgotten that we fought hard for this victory, and we’re not going to let anyone take it away from us.

Sign the petition showing you support the President’s immigration action.

The Department of Justice is immediately appealing the decision to the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans, but a decision won’t come for at least several weeks.

The ruling is a temporary setback – just the first round in a long, legal battle. This politically-motivated lawsuit will be appealed all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court, where we are confident that our families will win.

The best way for our community to fight back against these attacks to DACA and DAPA is to continue preparing, line up our documents, and get ready to apply once the programs open.

That is because once millions of individuals are given the chance to live, work, and stay in the United States, no politician can take it away.

We are collecting petition signatures to show local and state leaders the broad support behind the President’s immigration action. When they see how much support we have, they will be more likely to help their constituents get ready to apply once the programs open.

Help us show broad support for the President’s immigration action. Sign the petition today.

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