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April 30th is Día del Niño (Children’s Day) in Mexico, a day when we honor children and promote their well-being. Yet in the Rio Grande Valley, thousands of children face dangers caused by living in neighborhoods without streetlights.

In a video created by LUPE and our partners A Resource In Serving Equality (ARISE), children of the colonias talk about why they need streetlights to live happy, active and safe lives.

Watch the video here:

Thanks to pressure from LUPE and ARISE, Hidalgo County commissioners began addressing the problem this year, when they committed to creating a pilot program to begin installing conventional streetlights in Hidalgo County colonias on a limited basis and collect for the consumption of electricity.

This is a positive step, but colonia residents began asking county commissioners to address the problem in 2005. In 2007 we passed legislation that made the pilot program possible. We’ve been asking them to take action since then.

For that reason we need them to know we expect them to continue their dedication and get the pilot program done as soon as possible. We can’t wait any longer.

You can support these children by signing the petition to RGV elected officials calling on them to bring streetlights to all RGV neighborhoods:

Petition: Make sure all colonias have access to public light!