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5 things LUPE is grateful for this Thanksgiving
By LUPE, November 25, 2015

Thanksgiving is the time of year we all reflect on our many blessings. Although 2015 was filled with many challenges, this is the time of year we are grateful for the kind people in our lives who love and support LUPE so that our members believe in themselves, achieve, and succeed.

Here are five things we are especially thankful for. 

LUPE members of Colonia Mi Sueño in Mission, Texas

LUPE members of Colonia Mi Sueño in Mission, Texas

1. Our LUPE members

Our members do not remain silent in the face of adversity. They are fearless when sharing their stories, forcing them to re-experience their pain but finding solace in knowing that in the long-run, the benefits of policy change bring great joy to the entire community.


2. Our LUPE staff

Our staff is dedicated when working with immigrant low income families. We are specially grateful for those who underwent extraneous examinations to get their Board of Immigration Appeals Accreditation to practice legal immigration matters this year, and to the staff members who worked late nights and weekends to meet the needs of LUPE members.


Farmworker reunion at LUPE's 2nd Biennial Gala, made possible by our donors

Farmworker reunion at LUPE's 2nd Biennial Gala, made possible by our donors

3. Our Donors

Thank you to our donors. Your monetary contributions have allowed us to expand our services in the community. We could not be where we are today without your continuous support.


Protest in Brownsville, Texas

Protest in Brownsville, Texas

4. Expanding outreach to Cameron County

We are proud of expanding LUPE Outreach to Cameron County by having a community organizer to help address the most pressing issues of low income families in the area.


LUPE members in the Citizenship Ceremony

LUPE members in the Citizenship Ceremony

5. For the lives we impacted

Finally, we are grateful for the many lives we were able to impact, especially the more than 300 new citizens who are now able to be part of the democratic process by having a right to vote and the over 142 new immigrants who were welcome into the U.S. as Legal Permanent Residents.

This Thanksgiving, we recognize our staff and members for the courage to fight for social change. Happy Thanksgiving from the LUPE family! Have a lovely feast with your family and friends.

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