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Trump’s Immigration Reform Vision Looks Like Deportations and Restricting All Immigration
By LUPE, March 1, 2017

LUPE Leader Eva Garcia from Colonia Curry Estates holds Community Resistance SignWith reports that President Trump is open to comprehensive immigration reform, we urge the immigrant community to not jump to conclusions. The best indication of Trump's immigration reform intentions is his actions.

America has a reputation around the world as the land of opportunity, and immigrants and refugees contribute much to that reputation. But Donald Trump is putting into action a vision of America where opportunity is restricted to those he believes fit the profile of what a true American is.

With his mass deportation executive orders, he is attempting to criminalize, lock up, and deport millions of our immigrant neighbors and family members, both undocumented and documented. In his speech last night, he laid out a vision of America that would restrict all immigration by ramping up deportations, ending family-based immigration, and prioritizing high-skilled labor.

Plans set in motion

These plans, already set in motion by his executive orders, would primarily restrict Latin American, Black, and Asian immigration and keep our families divided by borders, detentions, and deportations. But they hurt all Americans. They tarnish our reputation as a land of opportunity and damage our economy by uprooting millions of workers and consumers. By casting people with brown and black skin or those who pray differently as foreigners and the enemy, they undermine our safety. The rash of hate crimes in recent months and the deadly Kansas shooting targeting Indian men last week clearly demonstrate the dangers of Trump's dark vision for immigration.

If the President truly wants to strengthen America, he should be expanding opportunity-creating programs like DACA and DAPA, and using his position to engage with Muslims and refugees as partners in making the world a safer place. His proposals to Congress should include upgrades to our outdated immigration system, including a road-map to citizenship.

Join LUPE’s community resistance campaign. Together we can defend our community against deportations, detentions, and walls, and advance a vision of America that values the contribution of immigrants and refugees. Text the word OURPLAN to 956-467-4020 or sign up at resist.lupenet.org

La Unión del Pueblo Entero (LUPE) is a community organization based in the Rio Grande Valley of South Texas. More posts


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