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Call Mission City Council Members and ask them to pass a resolution opposing Trump’s border wall
By LUPE, May 19, 2017

received_10154446378872124Congress will soon debate whether to fund new border walls and fences. If we can show Congress that the border region is unified in our opposition to border barriers, it will make it harder for the administration to argue Congress should fund Trump's highly unpopular wall.

But Mission Mayor Beto Salinas's public comments in support of Trump's border wall are a glaring hole in the Valley's unified opposition to border barriers. That's why we need Mission City Council to pass a resolution opposing border walls.

Call Mission City Council Members today. Here are the council members' phone numbers and a sample script:

Norie Gonzalez Garza – 956-605-7142
Ruben Plata – 956-566-1763
Dr. Armando O’Cana – 956-222-5739
Jessica Ortega-Ochoa – 956-789-6358

“Hi, my name is [name], and I am a Mission resident. I oppose border barriers that would take property from landowners, wall off public areas like Bentsen Rio Grande Valley State Park and La Lomita Mission, and push border crossers into harsh terrain where they suffer and die. I ask that you pass a resolution opposing border walls.”

When you've called, send a text message to 956-534-0267 with the word “done” so we know you called. We'll ask you how the call went.

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