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Know Someone Who’s Been Denied Their Child’s Birth Certificate?
By LUPE, July 5, 2017

We won the birth certificate lawsuit!

Thanks to our collaboration with TRLA, STCRP, and the courageous mothers who refused to allow the State of Texas to deny their US-born, citizen children their rights, parents across the state now have new options to receive their child’s birth certificate.

If you've kept up with our work, you know that this victory is not news. But we are still hearing from community members who have not returned to solicit their child's birth certificate because they believe they will be denied once again. Which means word of the victory is not reaching those who need it.

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That's why we are spreading word of the new rules that state and local vital records offices must follow, thanks to our legal victory. We want to make sure parents know the new options available to them, and that state and local offices are following the rules of the settlement.

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Do you know someone who has been denied their Texas-born child's birth certificate? Ask them to call us. We’ll help them access their child’s birth certificate, and if we find cases where the new rules aren’t being followed, we’ll step in to correct the injustice. Call LUPE at 956-787-2233.

With this victory, we successfully defended the constitutional rights of US-born, citizen children of undocumented parents. Help us win more victories. Support our work by donating today.

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