Congressman Cuellar voted to lower Texas farm worker pay by $3 an hour, harming workers in the same industry that allowed his parents to provide for him as a child.

The Ag and Legal Workforce Act changes the rules for paying temporary guestworker farmworkers, allowing farm bosses to cut their pay and drive down wages for US farmworkers. Instead of voting to cut farmworker wages, Congressman Cuellar should be championing legislation to increase farm worker protections and provide overtime pay.

Call 888-343-2060 to be connected to Cuellar’s office. Include your name, city and postal code, and use the following script:

“I’m calling to ask that Congressman Cuellar remove his support of the harmful “AG and Legal Workforce Act.” This bill will lower Texas farm workers’ wages by $3 an hour. It is morally wrong and un-American to lower the wages of the hardworking men and women who sacrifice so much to feed all of us. Please tell Congressman Cuellar to withdraw his support of the “AG and Legal Workforce Act.” Thank you.”

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