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Helen is Home Thanks to Your Support
By Sergio Trevino, October 4, 2018

Helen Nohemí is free!

Five-year-old Helen Nohemi was separated from her family for 8 weeks too long. Thanks to your pressure, she is back in her mother's arms.

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Over 10,000 of you signed the petition demanding the Office of Refugee Resettlement immediately reunite Helen with her family.

Your pressure worked. The officer in charge of Helen’s case told us hours before Helen's release that emails were filling up his inbox and that he would do everything in his power to reunite her with her mother.

Helen's mother and grandmother have been distraught since Helen was taken. Since her release, Helen has remained scared, not trusting that she won't be taken away from her family again. Like Helen's family, many more immigrant families suffer the struggles of family separations.

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We cannot stop here. Hundreds of children remain separated from their parents and traumatized because of it. We will fight until all the children are reunited with their parents.


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