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Mothers graduate from health clubs to promote healthier lifestyle
By Sergio Trevino, May 30, 2019

Mothers graduate from health clubs to promote a healthier lifestyle

As the Rio Grande Valley diabetes & obesity epidemic accelerates, LUPE’s Health on Wheels outreach team has been working to combat and prevent diabetes and obesity from affecting more families through Community Health Clubs—an evidence-based community health education model. Help us close the gap in access to healthcare in low-income rural communities.

After ten weeks of weekly sessions, we are proud to have over 50 graduates from across the Rio Grande Valley complete our “Salud con Sabor Latino” (Health with a Latin Flavor) Community Health Club that focuses on healthy cooking, physical activity, and nutrition.

During the ceremony, graduating Community Health Club participants will receive certificates of completion; and will be celebrated for taking smalls steps towards a healthier lifestyle with food and gifts.

Click here to pitch in to support our healthcare work. We’re making strides in closing the gap in healthcare in low-income rural communities. Join us by making a contribution to your support helps us bridge the access to healthcare in the our work of healthcare in the colonias.


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