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2nd Annual Kids Summer Camp
By Sergio Trevino, August 5, 2019

2nd Annual Kids Summer Camp

This past week our San Juan and Alton offices hosted over 50 kids for our annual summer camp. This is the second year our organizing decided to reach out to the younger members of our membership base as a way to connect with the next generation of leaders.

This year our LUPE leaders wanted to focus the camp on learning about our Mesoamerican and indigenous roots as a way to inspire pride in our often overlooked history. Students learned about the Mexica, Mayan, & Toltec culture, written language, history, created their own headdress and learned the Matachines dance which the later preformed at one of our general meetings.

We are working towards the continued growth of our youth leaders as they to learn about the importance of community organizing and the ability we all have to make change in our communities. We look forward to next year and the continual growth of our summer camps.

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