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Eva Chavez Home with Her Son and Family | #LetEvaStay
By LUPE, October 30, 2019

Eva Chavez Home with Her Son and Family | #LetEvaStay

An immigrant leader who has fought her deportation since a February 2018 ICE raid was given a year reprieve by ICE this past October.

LUPE member Eva Chavez with Las Poderosas with hands held high in victory

Eva Chavez is an RGV resident who was detained and taken from her son during an ICE raid in 2018. At the same raid, her husband was taken and deported. ICE released Eva with periodic ICE check-in dates on account of her special needs son.

LUPE, National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health, and attorney Carlos Garcia accompanied her to each ICE check-in and worked tirelessly to keep Eva home with her son. At her first check-in, over 50 community members showed up to accompany her into ICE's Harlingen offices and rallied outside until she was released.

At her check-in this October, Eva’s check-in schedule was reduced to once a year. While she remains in deportation proceedings, the year reprieve means she can focus more attention on pursuing her U-VISA application that would allow her to remain permanently with her son.

A survivor of domestic violence, Eva has persisted and chosen to organize for justice and dignity for all women. She is an active member of LUPE and National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health and for the past 15 years has helped immigrant women like herself bring improvements to their neighborhoods and lives.

ICE raids tear apart families and communities. Eva has so far defended her right to stay with her son in her community, but her husband was deported and continues separated from his wife and son.

We will continue to fight for Eva to raise her child, with her husband, in her community.

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