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#HomeIsHere: DACA Goes to the Supreme Court
By Sergio Trevino, November 14, 2019

#HomeIsHere: DACA Goes to the Supreme Court

From RGV to D.C., rallies show that immigrant youth are ready to fight for their right to remain in their homes and communities

The #HomeIsHere rallies were our chance to show we’re in this fight. As the Court hears arguments on the Trump Administration’s unlawful attempt to terminate DACA, we are there standing up for what’s right.

Can't Lose Hope

We were honored to be joined by Nina Luna, sister of Joaquin Luna, the young dreamer who took his own life when he lost hope. His death sparked a wave of young immigrant organizing in the Rio Grande Valley that has inspired countless youth to keep hope and fight for a better future.

Nina says she doesn’t want any other youth to go through what her brother went through by losing hope if the US Supreme Court decides to end DACA. Joaquin is present in every Dreamer, DACAmented or not. We won’t let his dream die, we will continue to defend DACA and immigrant youth.

We were also joined by Maricruz Azuara, DACA recipient who currently works at a local non-profit, ARISE, organizing low-income communities. Maricruz reminded everyone that this is her country and no one can take that from her. She’s one of 700,000 immigrant youth who could lose protection from deportation and work permit if the Supreme Court decides to allow the end of DACA.

There is nothing temporary about our families

DACA recipients help fund federal programs such as Social Security and Medicare even though they don’t usually qualify for those benefits themselves. Nearly 256,000 U.S. citizens have a parent who is a DACA recipient. Ending DACA will lead to more family separations.

There is nothing temporary about our families. We need the stability and security of permanent protection to continue building our lives and futures in this country. 700,000 families could be separated if the Supreme Court rules against DACA.

DACA recipients, advocates, and community members joined together at Home Is Here rallies and walkouts coast to coast. Millions of people rallied to protect #DACA around the country!

Their voices matter. Their presence matters. All immigrants are a vital part of communities across the US and their future is uncertain. Their home is here and we won’t stop fighting until they have permanent protection with a roadmap to citizenship.

Join our movement and share your DACA story too ? #HomeIsHere

If you would like more information about DACA, contact our education specialist Abraham Diaz at abrahamd@lupenet.org or call (956) 460-8424.


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