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Posada Navideña: Thanks to Your Support, We Gave Out 150 Toys to Over 50 Families
By LUPE, December 27, 2019

Posada Navideña

children receive gifts at LUPE Posada Navideña in San Juan in December of 2019

We did it! Thanks to your support we were able to give out 150 toys to over 50 families this Christmas.

Dozens of our supporters donated toys or money to the effort and mega supporters Cristela Alonzo, Mr. Jimenez of Jimenez Logistics, and Univision helped Santa’s elves bring the toys to LUPE’s Posada Navideña in San Juan.

I know from my experience that these moments can mean everything to a child & their parents who may not afford to buy their children gifts for Christmas.

Children create Christmas cards for asylum seeking families at LUPE's annual Posada Navideña in December of 2019

While our LUPE families waited for our posada to start, we asked children to create Christmas cards for asylum seekers that are currently stuck at the border. We hope that these cards can remind these families that they are not alone during this holiday season.

During the Posada, LUPE members recreated the biblical story of Mary and Joseph's trip to Bethlehem and their search for a place of refuge. Children and parents learned that the Christmas story was initiated by a Census. Joseph brought the very pregnant Mary to Bethlehem–where Jesus was to be born–in order to participate in the Census of his time.

Children dress as Mary and Joseph to recreate the Christmas story at LUPE's annual Posada Navideña in December of 2019

Christmas history and its posada representations remind us that we all deserve inclusion and belonging.

I feel it's important to continue to pass down our culture to our children and celebrated it by spending time together while remembering those who have less than us.

Whether we are helping families seeking asylum at the border or encouraging immigrant families in the colonias to participate in the 2020 Census, we all have a role to play in making this nation a more welcoming and compassionate place.

Make a tax-deductible donation today & support our work as we continue to help asylum seekers and families along the U.S. Mexico border.

Remember from now until the end of the year, every dollar you donate will be matched by FWD.us up to $35,000.

Thank you,

Martha Sanchez
Community Organizing Coordinator

La Unión del Pueblo Entero (LUPE) is a community organization based in the Rio Grande Valley of South Texas. More posts


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