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Dando La Mano Fund Brings Relief to 318 RGV Families
By LUPE, July 1, 2020

Families left out of congressional COVID aid get a helping hand

Karla was facing eviction when the pandemic caused the restaurant where she works to temporarily close. Thankfully, Dando La Mano Fund provided a small safety net until the restaurant reopened.

“The money helped me with groceries and providing essential items for my 7-year-old son,” she told LUPE. “Receiving this money was such a blessing. The restaurant where I work barely re-opened but still, I have very limited hours. Thank you for being able to provide this help to those of us who need it.”

Donors to Dando La Mano Fund helped LUPE direct $75,000 in relief to 318 families in the Rio Grande Valley left out of congressional COVID aid.

LUPE pulled together to provide relief to our neighbors because we know what it takes to win for our communities.

LUPE members organize to win stronger, healthier communities where families can remain together and all can thrive. Just as we pulled together to mobilize relief for our undocumented neighbors, LUPE members know how to organize to address their needs.

LUPE members have won clean drinking water and toilets in the fields and streetlights and protection from flooding in their neighborhoods. We’ve fought to keep families together and keep private prisons out of our communities.

Help us continue the fight for strong, healthy communities where families remain together and all can thrive. Donate to LUPE today.

Read more stories of families helped by Dando La Mano Fund

Maria V holds up Dando La Mano Fund award envelope.

Maria V. couldn’t pay the light bill after her son lost his job due to COVID. Thanks to Dando La Mano Immigrant Relief Fund, she was able to cover the $130 bill.

Maria O holds up Dando La Mano award letter and envelop.

Maria O. was working in a taqueria when the pandemic hit, causing the restaurant to temporarily close. No one in her household was working, not even her husband or in-laws, who are elderly and at high risk of the virus. She was able to do some grocery shopping and provide food for her family since her husband is still unable to find work due to the pandemic. With some products spiking in price, she was able to get some essential groceries.

Daisy told us, “COVID-19 has affected us in everything, neither my husband nor I are working. I used to make the tamales and he would distribute them, right now we can't make them because no one wants to buy them. We're desperate. We have not paid rent in two months and the landlord is pressuring us because he says he needs the rent money. We have not paid the light bill in two months. The monthly light bill is $90.00, rent is $350.00 per month, we are very desperate, it’s a very stressful situation.”

The need in our communities continues to be great. But we won't give up the fight to win strong, healthy communities where our families can thrive. Help us keep up the fight by making a donation to LUPE.

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