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Thank You – Protect DACA: Call Congress
By LUPE, August 10, 2020

Thank you for taking action, your call will begin shortly!

Here are some talking points to think about including while you are on your call:

  • The needs of the Rio Grande Valley community have for decades been neglected while the federal government invests in walls, deportation, detention, and surveillance.
  • Do all you can to defend DACA, immigrant youth, and their families.
  • Pass the Dream & Promise Act.
  • Defund Trump's deportation agenda by defunding ICE and CBP.
  • Don't let Trump get away with using the pandemic to go around Congress and the courts to enact his white supremacist agenda.

La Unión del Pueblo Entero (LUPE) is a community organization based in the Rio Grande Valley of South Texas. More posts


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