Haven’t visited us in a while? Here’s what you might have missed.

1. Through Dando la Mano Fund, an immigrant relief fund, we helped out all of those in our community who were both affected by Covid-19 and were left out of any government aid. To date, LUPE has issued over 350 VISA cards of $250 each.

2. We launched a campaign addressing the very evident social injustice of the digital divide in our colonias. As Covid-19 revealed, the lack of internet access is a pressing issue in our colonias because very-limited-to-nonexistent access significantly affects colonia children’s school participation and performance. It also denies any resources and information that are currently limited to a virtual world.

3. We also partnered up with Justice4Women to distribute to community members over 1,000 hygiene and household cleaning care packages of P&G products either via drive-thru distributions hosted at our LUPE offices or by delivery to hard to reach areas. Help us increase our impact by donating.

One thought on “The pandemic hasn’t slowed us down

  1. Dumping people during a critical election doesn’t make sense. My money is going toward saving our democracy.

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