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We vote for healthy neighborhoods
By LUPE, October 6, 2020

Univision's Aquí Y Ahora visits the colonias of Hidalgo County

Colonia residents work hard to make their neighborhoods places where their families can thrive. We are combating generations of being underserved and underinvested by state and federal government. We are fighting for communities where the resources we pitch in together go to the services we really need. A future where all neighborhoods have streetlights, flooding protection, quality homes, and broadband internet access.

Join us: lupenet.org/gotv

We took Univision correspondent Pedro Rojas to the colonias of Hidalgo County, where the death rate from Covid-19 is more than 10 times the national average. Pedro took a look at how colonia residents are battling the pandemic despite decades of divestment and neglect from local, state and national lawmakers.

For many years, disinterested elected officials dismissed colonia residents and looked the other way while shady developers proliferated unincorporated subdivisions with little to no regulations. As a result of this disastrous development, organizers and advocates have tirelessly organized alongside colonia residents demanding the most basic infrastructure.

We have won running water, electricity, paved roads and, more recently, public light, in addition to better flood protections for residents throughout the county. We need to reverse decades-long divestment and reinvest in revitalizing colonia communities.

Winning the power to decide how we live and thrive

The Valley is a resilient community where we work hard to make our communities places where families remain together and thrive. But instead of thriving, we are struggling.

Too many elected officials want to wield power, not share it. They say, “no se puede” to using the resources we pitch in together for schools, services, and care. Then they turn around and hand millions over to corporations to militarize the police and the border region.

Two young children stand in shade of tree in front yard, one holds sign that reads "With light there is hope".

Meanwhile, inequalities in healthcare rob us of our parents and grandparents while police violence ravages communities of color, ICE and Border Patrol separate our families, and the wall divides our communities.

City and colonia residents are uniting to demand governance for, by, and with the people. We know that we can win because we have won. We have joined together before to win public light in colonias and better flood protections throughout the county. Together, we can win the power we need to decide how we live and thrive.

Help colonia residents win the power to decide how we live and thrive. Join us: lupenet.org/gotv

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