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VIDEO: What ‘Si Se Puede’ looks like during a pandemic
By LUPE, December 12, 2020

Through organizing, colonia residents create their own safety nets during the pandemic.

VIDEO: Check out LUPE's ‘Si Se Puede' attitude in action during the COVID-19 pandemic

Covid-19 affected us in a most extraordinary way. It tested our work model as an organization and the extent to which we could step into the community as normally would. With the support of LUPE community leaders, community contributions and partner organizations, we were able to provide some relief.

We established Dando la Mano, an immigrant relief fund, through which we distributed over $87,000 to immigrant families left out of government relief.

We partnered with Justice4Women to distribute over one thousand hygiene and household cleaning care packages to community members.

We launched a campaign to end the digital divide and bring internet and computers to children of the colonias. Our campaign brought attention to this injustice and with it, brought donors who wanted to help. Thanks to their donations, 60 families will receive a computer or a $400 gift card to pay for the internet.

Donate to fuel LUPE’s ‘Si Se Puede' response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Colonia residents have been hit hardest by the pandemic. Decades of inequalities and exclusion from services and care have left colonia residents with few safety nets.

But colonia residents have long created their own safety nets. And LUPE has been the vehicle for colonia residents to pitch in their resources toward the services they need to thrive.

Your donations make our efforts even stronger. In supporting our organization, you are investing in el pueblo unido. You are helping some of our most vulnerable populations fill their own needs with dignity and strength. So we can recover from the pandemic with stronger, healthier communities in the Rio Grande Valley.

LUPE’s ‘Si Se Puede' response to the pandemic is just beginning. Donate to LUPE today.

Donate to fuel LUPE’s ‘Si Se Puede' response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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