Your solidarity helped 225 families without electricity
By Sergio Trevino, February 18, 2021

Your solidarity helped 225 families without electricity

The last few days have been really hard for millions of Texans, and that includes our members who are colonia residents. Historic freezes have left so many of us without electricity. And we know that low-income Black and brown families are always hit hardest.

That’s why the LUPE team quickly moved into action. We secured 225 gift cards for colonia residents who need a warm meal, a hotel for a night, blankets or a space heater. Now, can you rush a donation of any size to help us continue our work year-round?


Time and time again, it is proven that our solidarity is what keeps us safe when the government fails to fulfill its basic responsibilities to protect us and create healthy and safe communities. For decades, we have been organizing alongside colonia residents in the Rio Grande Valley to build and improve public infrastructure in their neighborhoods. It is heartbreaking to see how rampant these issues are across the state and how they disproportionately hurt low-income and immigrant neighborhoods.

But even though we may be without electricity, we know we have power. No matter what challenges come next, we will be there. Help us continue our crucial work year-round by making a donation of any size today.

Driver sits behind the wheel smiling and holding up a red and black United Farm Worker flag emblazoned with a black aztec eagle on a red field.

Our families whole. Our communities free.

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