Their Vision: Crisis. Our Vision: Thriving Communities
By John-Michael Torres, March 26, 2021

The RGV border region, our home, is a vibrant place where millions of families and individuals work hard every day for a better future. No matter our race, background, or zipcode, the grand majority of us just want our families to be whole and our communities to be free.

Tomorrow, 3/27, let’s share that vision with the world. Join LUPE members for a caravan and drive-by rally in support of legalization, healthcare, and democracy. RSVP here.

While politicians like Senator Cruz and Cornyn visit our home for photo ops, we’re organizing our communities to fight inequalities and injustices. It’s obvious right-wing white supremacists want to control the story of who and what the border is, but we won’t let them write our story and future for us.

Because the truth is that we are the majority. We counter right-wing violence by creating communities where we can all thrive and live without fear. We do that by advancing an agenda of racial justice and solidarity. Join us tomorrow.

People of good conscience of all races and backgrounds are uniting to advance this agenda together. While brave protesters declare Black Lives Matter and face militarized police in the streets, voters and colonia residents are mobilizing their neighbors to get to the polls and demand investments in our communities and representation that truly reflects the will of the people.

LUPE members honor Cesar Chavez’s birthday each year with our annual march. This year, we will instead organize a caravan and drive-by rally. Through our mobilization, we are building our power— LUPE members and supporters together— to build a strong and fair democracy where families can remain together and all can thrive.

Join LUPE members March 27th for a caravan and drive-by rally in support of legalization, healthcare, and democracy. RSVP here.

John-Michael Torres is Communications Coordinator for La Unión del Pueblo Entero. More posts

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Our families whole. Our communities free.

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