Create Facebook fundraiser in honor of Immigrant Heritage Month
Escrito por Sergio Trevino, June 8, 2021

President Biden has officially declared June as Immigrant Heritage Month!

Will you #celebrateimmigrants with LUPE & raise money for our grassroots leadership programming?

Click here to help us continue to cultivate the leadership of immigrant community members of the Rio Grande Valley by creating a Facebook fundraiser.

At LUPE, we celebrate immigrants for the monumental contributions that they have made and continue to make every day to our communities, economy, and country.

We invest time and resources in educating and building grassroots immigrant leaders otherwise scapegoated and neglected by the ever loud anti-immigrant rhetoric. These leaders then turn around and improve the quality of their lives, their families’ lives and their neighbors’ lives.

Often our immigrant community along the South Texas/Mexico border is afraid to speak and be seen. However, once they join LUPE and see that LUPE has their backs, they start to believe in their power. They start to believe that change is possible. More importantly, they start to see how they belong to the generational saga that pushes the United States to live up to its values of a free and thriving place for all.

Let your friends know why you choose to support our work and why you believe it matters to invest in our immigrant community.

Let them know that LUPE continues the legacy of civil rights activists and farmworker champions Cesar Chavez and Dolores Huerta; and that, over the decades, we have cultivated the leadership of thousands of migrant workers and mixed-status families in the Texas/Mexico borderlands. In donating to your fundraiser, they become a part of this legacy.

Thank you for taking the time to start your own LUPE fundraiser and choosing to celebrate our immigrant workers, neighbors and friends.