Why we’re protesting Rep. Henry Cuellar
By LUPE, August 12, 2021

We've waited for too many years for the federal government to deliver fair, humane, and welcoming immigration policies.

We have a moral and legal responsibility to protect the millions of undocumented people living in the U.S. and the newly arriving families and people at our county's doorstep.

But what has Rep. Cuellar done?

He's consistently sided with anti-immigrant politicians who block immigrant justice. He wastes time catering to them instead of defending the values and demands of border residents.

For too long, Congressman Cuellar has chosen to block a pathway to citizenship on behalf of corporate donors that would rather keep workers undocumented and exploitable. He voted to fund Donald Trump's border wall, joined Senator Cornyn on legislation that would fast-track the deportation of vulnerable people seeking protection, and joined House Republican efforts to derail the Dream Act by voting instead for a bill that would incarcerate and deport immigrant youth with contact with the racist criminal legal system.

Most recently, Rep. Cuellar fueled the racist lie that immigrants are to blame for the spike of COVID. While the RGV suffers from yet another wave of infections, elected leaders should help people get vaccinated, not spreading confusion and misinformation to a suffering community.

So here are our two demands for Rep. Cuellar:

#1: Deliver a pathway to Citizenship for millions this year!

Through a legislative process called “reconciliation,” Congress has a golden opportunity to make Citizenship for millions a reality THIS YEAR. In fact, the Senate has already passed the first step in this process. Now, we need all Congress members to ensure the process is completed this year without adding any harmful amendments, such as more border militarization.

#2: Welcome asylum-seekers safely and humanely

Cuellar has the power to ask for more federal action to help the RGV safely and humanely welcome families, children, and individuals seeking safety at our border. Cuellar needs to drop the distractions that fuel confusion among RGV residents and cause harm against vulnerable asylum-seekers. We're a strong community capable of welcoming families and fighting COVID-19— but officials like Cuellar need to be brave and bold enough to make it happen.

Join us on Monday, Aug. 16 at 10 AM outside of Rep. Henry Cuellar's office in Mission, Texas. Click here to RSVP and get more details!

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