Caravan from border to Austin protests Abbott’s politics
By LUPE, September 21, 2021

Transcript of segment: On Saturday, dozens of people led by border advocates created a caravan to protest Governor Abbott’s extreme conservative politics. The demands of the protest were to STOP the extremist attacks on immigrants, border communities, Latinos, and people of color; RESCIND the disaster declaration on the border; PRIORITIZE fact-based COVID-19 mitigation efforts, the vaccine rollout, and community relief; FIX the state’s electrical grid to prevent devastating power outages; INVEST in housing for Texans experiencing homelessness and newcomers at our border; EXPAND access to healthcare services that are inclusive of all Texans; PROMOTE a quality, historically accurate education for our children; PRESERVE license to carry firearms in public; STOP attacking democracy and work towards expanding voting access, not restricting it; and END the criminalization of poor people and people of color.

Members of LUPE, ARISE, and ACLU of Texas joined the caravan from the Valley to Austin. Here is some footage from the action this past weekend. 

Transcript of footage not available)

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